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How to Keep Our Aging Parents Safe from COVID-19?


At the time when the entire world is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, some folks don’t understand the seriousness of the situation while many fear to contract the illness.

Since the COVID-19 virus outbreak is new, we don’t know everything about this disease, including its possible cure. However, what is known is that older people, especially those who are above 65+, are at a higher risk of getting infected from a severe form of COVID-19.

Aging adults who are suffering from medical conditions like diabetes, heart disease, lung, or kidney disease, should take extra precautions.

Health ministries from across the globe are stressing on the need to stay indoors as much as possible to stem the spread of the virus.

But the truth is, life doesn’t stop for people, even older adults.

In this blog, we are going to shed some light on ways to keep your aging parents away from the risk of contracting fatal COVID-19.

1.      Care at home:

If your aging parents live with you, you must encourage them to adopt good hand hygiene. Ask them to wash their hand with water and soap regularly. Keep them indoors and away from the crowd.

Pay great attention to their health. Check for early signs of COVID-19 like low-grade fever, cough, cold, shortness of breath. It’s best to rush them to the hospital or call the paramedics if you suspect them of catching the virus. 

In case they have chronic health issues, it’s best to stock all the necessary medicines in advance. This will come handy if there is a situation of a complete lockdown or quarantine.

Keep adequate supplies like food, medicines, medical equipment.

Most importantly, keep your parents entertained and engaged. Buy them the best tablet for older adults with which they can stay connected with their peers.

2.      Care at Senior Community or Rehab Center

Novel coronavirus can spread within people like wildfire. If your aging parents are in an assisted living facility or nursing home, speak with the director or administration. Ask them what precautionary measures they have adopted to prevent the spread of the virus. Check on your parents regularly. Make sure they are appropriately taken care of by the staff.

You can even stay connected with your parents through tablets for senior adults.

In the time when isolation and social distancing seems to be the only option to stop the spread of novel Coronavirus, it’s presenting another threat to the older population.

The isolation and quarantine are leading them towards depression and anxiety. For seniors, the source of their enjoyment and entertainment is social connection. Whether it be a small gathering in the nearby park, rehab center, or senior club, older people experience a sense of belonging being amongst others.

In this hard time, technology can play a vital role in helping aging adults fight isolation and virtually stay connected with others.   There is some best tablet for older adults through which your parents can stay entertained wherever they are. Such innovative devices will make their fight from depression, boredom, and, most importantly, COVID-19 simpler.

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